performance profile + reference projects


Moderation and Support for integrated design, construction and operation of reference + Whitepaper

of planning processes

Ensuring sustainability and energy efficiency> Reference Project

Ensuring life-cycle cost analysis and TCO

Professional development

IP-Dialog Forums , Seminars, Workshops, Conferences

Dissimentation as to findings in Sustainability

Local and

Development of emergency – Region-Based Object reference , reference reports

climate protection

Energy and CO2 balance

CDM, JI – Design, Coordination and Monitoring

Design and facilitation of citizen and stakeholder participation> reference project Reference project

Implementation support> Reference reports reference project


Energy efficiency

If – If – considerations

Requirements Management

Preliminary studies, concept studies and technology Recommendation

Implementation support

Circular economy

Planning and implementation of renewable energy

Biomass – Biogas – Waste to Energy

Trash to treasury – recycling reuse

Implementation support

Property Valuation

Financial due diligence



Damage assessment

Estimates of potential for cost reductions

market and competitive intelligence

Project management

Feasibility studies

Requirements Management

Project Development


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