IP-Building will support you to take better decisions.

The IP Gruppe , in this case IP-Building within the IP group, see themselves as promoters, information brokers as a „translator“ of #Expert knowledge in #Orientation knowledge. You, the potential, individual interdisciplinary thinking and working network partner,

Could be commissioned as potential knowledge and cooperation partner from the fields of #economics, #science and #communics to discuss topics related to sustainable #construction and #energy in the context of project work, as speaker, teacher in forums and #seminars.
The IP #network works with renowned partners such as sustainable technology providers and #universities . Our new departments, such as IP-ShareMedia and IP-Dialog are the answer to the growing demand for our sustainable solutions. This at #National, #European and #International level.

IP stands for sustainable integrated planning, construction and operation. This can only be achieved in an interdisciplinary network in which #geography, #ecology, #economics and #social sciences work together with the subjects of engineering planning.

The IP-Building forums

communicate these findings with partners, link actors, promote the exchange of knowledge and #experience as well as practical application development in a network. The #university course „Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies“ of the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt Main is one of many concrete results of our dialogues and work.