Optimal Power-Distribution

Totally Integrated Power is an extremely promising answer to the electricity customers needs for intelligent solutions that are aimed at reducing power costs. The new coordinated system of products and engineering tools optimizes electric-power distribution and enables high cost savings.

Totally Integrated Power is a Siemens AG concept for the integrated planning and installation of power-distribution systems that provide for optimal power-distribution. The components of the solution contain communication interfaces supporting communication through open, high-performance networks.

Economical automation solutions increasingly require an automation landscape that is completely integrated in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Two Siemens concepts meet the challenge: The vertical extension of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) for production and process automation, including drive technologies; and Totally Integrated Power, the new range of services for integrated power-distribution in buildings.

With Totally Integrated Power, considerable reductions in energy costs are possible along the entire power-supply chain. This applies to planning expenses as well as to the specification of power-supply dimensions and secure operational supplies. Essential factors here range from constant system status transparency to consumer-specific cost allocation. Totally Integrated Power increases the productivity in project realization and at the same time reduces all engineering expenses for the planner, architect, integrator and the engineering office, as well as for the engineer and operator. Project planning, switching-system construction, documentation and initial implementation take place more quickly. Even complicated interface management between the various technical worlds such as medium voltage, low voltage and communication from energy provision all the way to the consumer is simplified. This results in significant cost savings, with very positive consequences both in terms of investment costs and operating expenses.

At the same time, Totally Integrated Power increases potential savings in proportion to the complexity of the power-distribution profile. The larger the number of products used and the greater the number of devices used, the greater the benefits the integrated aspect of Totally Integrated Power delivers. Cost-intensive technology gaps are avoided. The result is specific benefits for planners and engineers, since they can significantly optimize their efforts using the coordinated high-performance Simaris engineering tools. In addition to global time and costs savings, reliable project planning results are achieved using tender documents, system plans and support in system costing. This is also a sound basis for inviting comparable bids.

Software tools supporting the realization for low-voltage switching systems and distribution systems round out the service range in this area. Thanks to Totally Integrated Power, users can now implement their conceptual knowledge much faster than in the past. Simaris deSign planning software offers specific advantages in planning electrical power distribution and makes it possible to configure power distribution systems, including space requirements, with only a few input data items and without specialized knowledge of the devices involved.
The software tool Simaris deSign supports system design by calculating cable parameters and protection functions, proposing feasible switching systems and as an aid in costing the system. As a result, the planner receives a bid suggestion as well as the calculation results, including the expected space requirements for the systems. This lets the architect create easy and error-free switching-room plans. This saves an extremely large amount of time.

Of course, the system remains open. Because project planning takes place at the device level, the procurement office is free to choose the switching-system vendor itself. Simaris deSign planning data can also be transferred to the additional programs Simaris P.I.S.A.A. and Simaris Sivacon, accelerating the bidding process and the production process considerably. The comprehensive aspects of Totally Integrated Power supports all this: Because various planners and vendors are responsible for the individual energy distribution elements, coordination can be a very difficult task. And it is the comprehensive and integrated nature of the Simaris solution that simplifies and supports exactly this coordination.


With the SIMARIS range of software products, Siemens offers integrated tools for fast and effective planning and costing of power distribution systems for commercial and industrial buildings. The tools are designed for international use, automatically taking into consideration the respective standards and rules of the country where they are to be used.
The language can also be freely selected both for working with the program and for planning results.


The SIMARIS deSign planning tool enables you to carry out effective and fast planning and calculation of power distribution systems from the medium voltage level all the way down to the final socket outlets. This tool enables you to perform all of the steps in the smallest amount of time:
From the lay-out of the distribution structure, the automatic selection of the switching devices, the determination of the required switchboards and distribution boards and even the tender specifications. A budget plan can also be generated using SIMARIS deSign which can then be used directly in SIMARIS P.I.S.A.A during the tendering stages of the project.


SIMARIS P.I.S.A.A can be used to design customised distribution boards. The planning results obtained with SIMARIS deSign can be used directly in SIMARIS P.I.S.A.A.
All that is required is to transfer the planning data, and you can provide your customer with a comprehensive, technically sound tender. All components can then be ordered electronically if required. When planning a distribution system, factors such as suppliers conditions, discounts and fixed or individually entered installation times can also be factored in via SIMARIS P.I.S.A.A.


The SIMARIS Sivacon software tool supports the sales and manufacturing process for the SIVACON 8PT low-voltage franchise switchboard system. The project planning data from SIMARIS deSign can also be used directly by this program. In addition, the forwarding of order data to the Siemens Mall for example, is completely trouble-free.

Autor: von Nessler